Tandem course

Flying with two people means double joy. You will experience the absolute joy from your passengers over and over again. On the other hand you will also have a double responsibility! You have to be able to decide when it is better not to fly with a tandem.

Pilots are admitted to the course who:

  • are adult
  • have their paragliding pilot license (or a similar license) for at least a year
  • can proof via a logbook that they have at least 200 altitude flights after acquiring their pilot license
  • take a practical exam with success
  • We from Fly Carinthia would recommend a SIV training (not required)

The course will be given in 2 parts:

In the first part you will have theory lessons, at least one exam flight and at least 5 altitude flights in terrain suitable for learning with a licensed passenger and under supervision and guidance from a flight instructor.

After successfully finishing this part you will get the limited tandem license.
The first part of the course costs € 600,-

In the second part you need to make 30 altitude flights in different terrains suitable for scholing and make a written (multiple choice) exam.

After successfully finishing the exams you will get the unlimited tandem license, which allows you to take your friends with you!
The second part of the course costs € 250,-

Alle Preis inkl. 20 % MWST Änderungen vorbehalten.

Course duration: the tandem course is usually held during two weekends.

If you would like to make a booking, please use our bookingform.

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