Beginner course

This year our beginner course will be offered, as always, during the week or during the weekend. We will plan the dates according to your wishes! The price of the course is all inclusive.


A beginner course (€ 600.-) consists of 2 parts:

Part 1: Practice slope, around 4 days with theory lessons - €400.-
Part 2: At least 5 altitude flights - €200.-

You will get the equipment during the entire course. When you decide to by paraglider equipment, you will get a discount from € 363.- for the pilot licensing course.

Usually the beginner course starts on Saturday at 8.30 hours. Normally we learn you how to start and fly with beginner gliders. The beginner course takes around 6 days in total (practice slope around 4 days, altitude flights around 2 days) and includes theory lessons about aerodynamics, weather, paraglider ., beinhaltet theoretische Schulung in Aerodynamik, Wetterkunde, flight practice, rules and regulations. You will finish the course with 5 altitude flights. The necessary equipment (glider, harness, rescue canopy and helmet) will be given to you by Fly Carinthia, during the course. Please bring good shoes that are high enough to protect your ankles (e.g. walking shoes).

After finishing the course you will get a licence. With this license you are permitted to make flights in terrain that is suitable for learning. The license is valid for 3 years. After at least 40 flights you are permitted to advance to the next level course (pilot licensing course).

For course dates please send us a an e-mail or call us around 2 weeks before the desired startdate.

If you would like to make a booking, please use our bookingform.